Unleashing the Promise and Power of Targeted Peptides

AI Powers NuvoBio's Drug Discovery Pipeline

Meet DARWIN AI, an artificial intelligence algorithm that powers the NuvoBio platform. Using DARWIN AI, NuvoBio is able to design very small proteins (i.e., peptides) with therapeutic interest.

To date, NuvoBio has successfully developed and experimentally validated:

  •  – In vitro and cell-active enzyme inhibitor peptides
  •  – Extracellular receptor binding peptides
  •  – Immuno-regulatory peptides
  •  – Targeted payload delivery
  •  – Anti-microbial peptides
  •  – Beta-lactamase inhibitor peptides, and
  •  – Anti-viral peptides

Driving Drug Innovation: DarwinAI's Role in Tackling Infectious Diseases and Emerging Pathogens at NuvoBio