Accelerating Peptide Discovery

Your solution for peptide evolution

With target specificity prioritized, allow DarwinAI to help expedite the discovery of your next peptide asset.



 DarwinAI designed peptides provide several key advantages:

  1.      1.  No requirement for a protein structure. Our predictions begin from just a primary sequence.
  2.      2. Design peptide binders against human and non-human proteins.
  3.      3. Understand and minimize off-target risk within custom proteomes. 
  4.      4. Receive a library of up to 1,200 custom designed peptides as an array for simplified downstream processing.
  5.      5. Customers retain all IP for future research endeavours.
  6.      6. Rapid turnaround with results in as little as 6 weeks.



Unlock rapid peptide design with DARWIN AI. Harnessing parallel computation, it delivers precise results in just 10 hours—revolutionizing the speed of drug discovery.


Evolving peptide design with nature’s precision. Our biology-inspired approach ensures optimal evolution for every therapeutic target


Precision Redefined. Our peptides mimic nature with algorithmic finesse, ensuring optimal specificity and minimal off-target risks across any proteome.


Our pepActive algorithm integrates with custom wet-lab experiments to iteratively create optimal peptide binders for challenging protein targets.


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