Epi-drugs to Fight Cancer

NuvoBio is currently engaged in multiple international collaborations to develop peptide “Epi-Drugs” as cancer therapeutics. These Epi-Drugs function as peptide inhibitors of protein methylation enzymes.

Immunostimulatory Peptides

NuvoBio is engaging in active collaboration to develop anti-NKp30 targeting peptides as part of a project to develop tunable ligands that circumvents the limitations of more complex biologics, including mAbs.

Anti-microbial Peptides

Pathogenic bacteria are evolving resistance to conventional therapeutics at a rate that threatens our ability to reliably treat common infections. NuvoBio has developed several anti-microbial peptides effective against clinical strains of bacteria. These peptides are currently undergoing in vivo pre-clinical testing.

Beta-lactamase Inhibitors

NuvoBio has collaboratively developed an active peptide inhibitor of the beta-lactamase, Tem1. These inhibitors are co-administered with beta-lactam antimicrobials to prevent antimicrobial resistance by inhibiting serine beta-lactamases.

Protein Phosphatase Inhibitors

Mounting evidence suggests that inhibition of phosphatase, could enhance anticancer immunity NuvoBio is working closely with key collaborators to develop cell-active peptide inhibitors of SHP2.

Anti-viral Peptides (COVID19)

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, NuvoBio successfully developed in vitro active anti-SARS-CoV-2 peptides that disrupt the human ACE2:SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein interaction.