NuvoBio is a bio-medical technology company dedicated to expediting the development of peptide therapeutics. Using our novel Darwin AI technology platform to design highly specific binding peptides, we are developing intellectual property and advancing research and development in the areas of new synthetic drugs, immunotherapies and other unique applications.

 Through our strategic partnerships and global exclusive licensing agreements with leading drug research institutes and companies, NuvoBio is currently funding research & development projects in key areas including:

  1. Implementing unique molecular interaction & analytics using supercomputing technologies to design peptide drugs that bind to target proteins for therapeutic purposes
  2. Immunostimulatory peptides, Anti-microbial peptides, Anti-fungal & Anti-viral peptides (e.g., anti-SARS-Cov-2)
  3. Beta-lactamase Inhibitors & Protein Phosphatase Inhibitors
  4. Other non-medical applications for peptides, including anti-fungal peptides for use in agriculture