NuvoBio is a bio-medical technology company dedicated to expediting the development of peptide therapeutics. Using our novel Darwin AI technology platform to design highly specific binding peptides, we are developing intellectual property and advancing research and development in the areas of new synthetic drugs, immunotherapies and other unique applications.

Powered by our DARWIN AI platform, smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at NuvoBio.

Our main goal is to find smart ways of using technology that will help accelerate drug development. 

Avoiding the necessity for any knowledge of protein structure, the DARWIN AI platform is able to evolve libraries of target-specific peptides, complete with proteome-wide identification of off-target risk. 

As the result, NuvoBio can efficiently develop targeted therapeutics for human disease & pathogens 

as they emerge or evolve.

Achieve ligands that closely emulate and outperform natural peptides

Harness the principles of evolution to craft peptides that transcend species

Precise peptides that come with off-target risk profiles, ensuring accuracy

NuvoBio’s DarwinAI revolutionizes peptide development by designing target-specific binders using only target protein sequences. This allows for the rapid creation of peptides for novel proteins and pathogens from genomic data. DarwinAI offers thorough off-target risk assessments and custom libraries of up to 1,200 peptides for validation. We’re dedicated to advancing peptide therapeutics and innovative applications with our cutting-edge technology.